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From Demotivated & Lonely To Empowered

Haifa Addas – CEO and founder of

Sahar’s Homestay online course has empowered me to find my inner peace and reorganize my thoughts. As a business owner in a complex and changing times, I felt lost, demotivated and lonely, with very few people to share my struggles and challenges with especially during the lock down. This is when Sahar saved me with her super generous offer to join Unbox course. During this time, Sahar was the perfect mental reinforcement. Her videos were full of energy and consistent support. She helped me unpack and reorganise my thoughts and priorities. With her guidance, I found find my inner strength again. I was able to look at the problems in different ways and find meaningful solution. I would recommend Sahar to anyone looking for a genuine and passionate coach.

Unbox A Brighter Future Course Is Incredible!

Zakia Demaghelatrous – CEO and Founder of Quantum Gals Consultancy

Unbox A Brighter Future Course Is Incredible! Thanks to Sahar's knowledge and - even more importantly - her highly developed intuition, the course does two things very quickly: identifies what's blocking you then helps you shift perspective to make positive changes. What's amazing is the speed at which it is done. After taking dozens of courses for many years, I can truly say this one is outstanding. My energy levels are up, I have a more positive outlook on life and I am ready for all the good that is coming to me. Thank you Sahar!

Astoundingly Effective

Janan Kardouch – USA

Sahar is an astoundingly effective speaker and healer unlike anyone I have heard before. Her gentle yet powerful voice when she explains facts and issues is just amazing. I consider Sahar a friend who is compassionate, genuine and level headed. She can always be counted on to listen and provide support. Her life experiences, the ups and downs she has gone through, have made her who she is today.”

The Best Thing My Team & I Did!

Cyba Audi – CEO & Founder of Saba Communication Consultants

Two weeks into lockdown, I knew we had to do something to ensure that all 14 of our team maintained healthy and well in their minds and bodies. Whether it was serendipity or like-mindedness that got us together with the Sahar; I know that it was the best thing we ever did. Sahar’s Unbox Homestay & Create A Brighter Future online programme, helped us all frame the situation. Every morning our team wakes up to personalized videos from Sahar Huneidi-Palmer, the world-renowned personal mentor and intuitive, on growth and balance in times of uncertainty. We found ourselves in post, Covid-19, and apply our best selves to dealing with issues none of us dreamt up, like working from home while tutoring our children and worrying for our parents, all in the context of the great unknown. When we encounter useful tips, videos or posts we find ourselves sharing them with our teammates before family members.